Kick Start


Kickstart is a broad based, innovative strength, flexibility & fundamental skills program developed for athletes in Michigan designed to help “kick start” the development in young athletes. It is a great program to improve physical abilities for JO athletes of all ages and abilities. The age requirements are 6 years old to 13 years old and the overall cost for membership, testing, meets and training camp is much less than the renowned National TOPS Program.

Branch will offer an “Invite Only” Kick Start Group that will meet for 2 hours per week during the summer to focus on the KickStart Conditioning, Flexibility and Skills. This group will require additional fees. We will run the KickStart Group throughout the summer and it will end the last week of summer training.


KickStart training group practice/testing leotard

  • All Branch Kickstart athletes will receive a practice/testing leotard.
  • This is free of charge.
  • All Branch KickStart athletes should wear this leotard for practices and testings that they participate in.



  • TBD



  • There are 3 testing dates throughout the summer, which we will offer the girls to attend if they would like. Branch Kickstart gymnasts ARE REQUIRED to attend the testing held at KSU. The other two testings are optional for your daughter to attend.


  • If your athlete tests well enough, the top 10 athletes in each age group are able to qualify to a training camp.
  • If they qualify to the camp, there will be an additional fee which will be due approximately 2 weeks prior to the camp.
  • The girls also receive a free KickStart leotard if they qualify to this camp! J



  • Tuition Cost: TBD
  • KickStart Registration Fee: TBD
  • Testing Cost: TBD
  • Training Camp Cost: TBD 


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